Guilty Smells

“The Government has taken a major step in opposing foreign influence in our way of life. Starting today, the possession of UnAmerican food is illegal. You are a sniffing dog for the Department for the Enforcement of the American Diet.¬†Approach the suspects, sniff them, and bark if you detect foreign food smell. We’ll take care of the rest.”

One of the best things about running LIKELIKE is that it provides plenty of excuses and deadlines to make small, experimental side projects that go beyond the digital form.
Guilty Smells was made for Analog Pleasures, an ambitious show of games employing unusual hardware. It’s a collaboration with my CMU colleague and LIKELIKE conspirator Heather Kelley, who has been producing smell-based and multi-sensorial experiences for several years.

Guilty Smells (re)uses a custom made, 8 channel scent diffuser created by a team of Concordia University students for a different project.
The software was put together in a mere week thanks to Fernando Ramallo’s animation tool Doodlestudio 95, which allows to draw and animate sprites directly in Unity, simplifying the workflow in a major way.