MUDlike / The end of the WORD as we know it

The third iteration of LIKELIKE Online is a text-only multiuser environment for the exhibition The End of the WORD as we know it. In this Twine-meets-chatroom, you can catch language viruses from other uses. The viruses affect your way of speaking making you siiiiing, SCREAM, or adding other funny affectations. The six curated games are hidden/integrated in the text environment and playable online. The exhibition opening turned out to be quite chaotic and not as easy to navigate as the visual counterpart due to the inherent conflict between real time interaction and linear texts.
The engine is quite sophisticated: it parses a Twine file and uses it as the main hypertext. A series of custom macros can be added to manifest the current state of the various players. It’s not very pleasant to write for it but it can potentially be used to create multi-user text environments, escape the rooms, or parser-less MUDs so I cleaned it up a little and made it open source:

Source on GitHub

Remixable Project on Glitch