What the media
say about us:

"A sick website"
Sun Online

"A spine chilling game"
La Repubblica

"Absolutely unjustifiable"
Enrico Mentana



Where-next.com is an exciting gambling game. The most accurate prediction on where terrorists will attack next wins. The definition of terrorist attack stands here for a war action aimed at any civil target on any location that’s not already involved in a war of any kind, be it "officially" declared or intended as such by the U.S.
administration. Thus consider a peaceful territory where there have to be at least 10 random civil victims within 48hrs (missing people will not be included).

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The person guessing the right technique used (a bomb attack, a suicide bomber, chemical weapons, etc.) and getting closest to the location of the attack , will be contacted by e-mail and will receive the exclusive where-next.com T-shirt, showing the place and the time of the attack. A new game will start after every successful attack.

Purchasing any banners on where-next.com is very easy and convenient participating at the auction currently running on Ebay. The ad will be valid for one game at a time, or rather until the next terrorist attack takes place. Buying ads on where-next.com then means, showing faith in capitalism and its intelligence.

Where-next.com is a joint venture between guerrigliamarketing.it and molleindustria.it.
For informations write to info [at] where-next [dot] com
For insults and death threats write to hate [at] where-next [dot] com