Oiligarchy events



Oil Friendly Acts

shamelessness - factor that together with the government oiliness can trigger the act
italic text - references and links

Dignity for Dinosaurs Act
To commemorate the dead dinosaurs and fallen forests that made todays oil reserves by cutting the taxes on oil.
effects: taxes-10

Union of Concerned Scientists, Subsidizing Big Oil

Greasing the Brakes Act
To cut gas sales taxes in order to defend the citizens' right to a neverending motorized vacations.
effects: oilAddiction+5;consent+10

Tax Foundation, Temporary Gasoline Tax Holidays: Relief for Motorists or Poor Tax Policy?

God's Will Is Not Windfall Act
To repeal the outrageous, anti-competitive windfall tax and give back the profit to the oil companies.
effects: taxes-10

Windfall tax repealed by Ronald Reagan and never reenacted.

The Bottom Of The Barrel Act
To reduce foreign oil dependency by supporting the exploitation of untapped domestic resources in Alaska and Texas.
effects: tex_royalties-10;ala_royalties-10

Reference to McCain's Lexington Project: Expanding Domestic Oil And Natural Gas Exploration And Production

Heil Highway!
To develop an interstate system inspired by the Nazis' Autobahn in order to give everyone the freedom to drive faster.
effects: oilAddiction+10

See Interstate Highway System

Kill the Electric Car Act
To shut down all the efforts toward the mass production of cheap, efficient and cool electric cars.
effects: oilAddiction+6;special

Award winning documentary Who Killed the Electric Car

The Equal Flights Act
To enable subsidies for airports and planes that will ensure that even wage-poor women and minorities can afford to fly once in a while.
effects: oilAddiction+8
conditions:"GDP>2000 //middle class boom

Introduction to
airlines subsides: Government subsidies to airlines
USA Today, EU accuses U.S. of paying billions in Boeing subsidies
USA Today, Subsidies keep small-airport flights in the air

Freedom to Travel Autonomously Act
To dismantle train tracks to free passengers from the tyranny of the rails and put them in freer forms of transportation.
effects: oilAddiction+8

Reference to the cut of Amtrak subsides
See Good Magazine, Train in vain

Trolley Preservation Act
To dismantle tramway transportation in big cities, so that historic trolleys can be preserved in museums.
effects: oilAddiction+5

See the notorious General Motors streetcar conspiracy

Driving is Patriotic Act
To subsidize car transportation by any means necessary, from free parking to infrastructure maintenance.
effects: oilAddiction+6

International Institute for Sustainable Development, Perverse Subsidies

Bigger is Better Act
To cut taxes on the purchase of SUVs and promote big cars as the optimal vehicles for surviving in the asphalt jungle.
effects: oilAddiction+4

Reference to the suv tax break loophole in the Bush administration's 2003 economic stimulus package
USA Today, SUV, truck owners get a big tax break
ABC News, Fed Tax Break Encourages SUV Purchases

Debunking the myth of SUV as safer vehicles
Source Watch, Fuel efficiency standards and the laws of physics
Tom Wenzel, Mark Ross, Are SUVs Safer than Cars? An Analysis of Risk by Vehicle Type and Model

Solar Eyesore Act
To halt subsidies for solar panels that ruin the historical urban landscapes.
effects: oilAddiction+3;greenness+10

Reference to Ronald Reagan's dismissal of the federal solar energy program intruduced by the Carter administration.
J. Glen Moore, Solar energy and the Reagan administration
The change of policy was symbolized by Reagans' order to take over the White House solar panels in 1986.

No Bird Left Behind Act
To stop all the wind energy activities in the nation in order to save the dozens of cute birds that could be diced by the dangerous spinning windmill blades.
effects: oilAddiction+3;greenness+10

It's a reference to the urban legend commonly promoted by lobbies opposing alternative energies
Treehugger, Common Eco-Myth: Wind Turbines Kill Birds

We Drink Your Milkshake Act
To pressure the Venezuelan Government to reduce royalties and block its influence on the region.
effects: ven_royalties-10

The royalties on oil extraction are a prime source of tension between US and Venezuela. In 2007 royalties were raised from 1% of the sale price to 16.6% that led ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips to end exploration ventures in the region.
ABC News, Venezuela forces US oil giants out
Massive aids to other countries in the region (Colombia in a prominent way) are meant to contrast Venezuela's self determination.
Heritage foundation, Minimizing Mischief in Venezuela, Stabilizing the U.S. Oil Supply

New Jobs for Caribous Act
To create job opportunities for the poor animals in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by establishing an oil extraction industry.
effects: special:greenness+20; //special: enable scenario

Reference to the ANWR drilling controversy

Patriots or Else Act
To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes.
effects: consent+20

This act enables some other repression options in special operations and it's a reference to 2003 Patrioct Act.
ACLU analysis of Patrioct Act
Controversial Invocations of the Patrioct Act

Drill Baby Drill
To create incentives for tapping new oil sources by assuming the legal risks of exploration and development in a company's stead.
effects: special //exploration cost to 0
exp:"The exploration activities will be free from now on

In the 90s tax breaks for exploration have been a constant feature of energy bills:
The New York Times, Vague Law and Hard Lobbying Add Up to Billions for Big Oil
Public Citizen, The Best Energy Bill Corporations Could Buy: Summary of Industry Giveaways in the 2005 Energy Bill

Endless Summer Act
To repeal the Carbon Tax so that it can not harm the tourism industry's projected profit derived from a warmer climate.
effects: oilAddiction-10;greenness+10

Counter act to carbon tax

Sweep Under the Carpet Act
To calm down global warming conspiracy theorist by marketing carbon sequestration as solution to climate change.
effects: greenness-20

For an overview of criticism about carbon sequestration:
TreeHugger, Important! Why Carbon Sequestration Won't Save Us

Car Sex in the City Act
To restore the smoggy vitality of city centers by removing all the traffic congestion limitations.
effects: oilAddiction+6;greenness+10

Counter act to "Livable Cities Act"

Reclaim the Streets Act
To stop the invasion of bicycle hippies in the city centers by removing all the bike lanes
effects: oilAddiction+5;greenness+10

Counteract to Bike "Lanes Act"

Oil unfriendly acts

Gas Tax Act
To increase sale taxes on gas and invert the tendency to artificially low fuel prices.
effects: oilAddiction-1;consent-10

Windfall Profits Tax Act
To recover and redistribute the profits earned by oil producers as a result of the increase in oil prices.
effects: taxes+10

Reference to the Windfall profits tax

Livable Cities Act
To limit car circulation in city centers that causes congestion and health problems.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Fair Taxes Act
To repeal taxes breaks and subsidies that privilege the oil industry.
effects: taxes+10

Clean Plants Act
To increase standards in oil production in order to prevent spills and reduce environmental costs.
effects: maintenanceMultiplier+20

Carbon Tax Act
To fight climate change by introducing a tax on emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.
effects: oilAddiction-10

About carbon tax:
Wikipedia page
Carbon tax center

Fuel Emergency Act
To temporarily reduce consumption by rationing gas sales.
effects: oilAddiction-10;consent-10

Reference to gas rationing in the 1973 oil crisis

Energy Awareness Campaign
To promote energy conservation on an individual level by a broad communication campaign.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Reference to the campaign "don't be fuelish" by the Advertising Council in the 1973 oil crisis

Energy Efficient Building Act
To promote the construction of energy efficient buildings for civil use.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Electric Car Pilot Program
To analyze the costs and benefits of mass produced electric cars for individual mobility.

Electric Car Program Act
To promote sustainable mobility by subsidizing the production of electric cars.
effects: oilAddiction-4

Gas Cars Ban Act
To gradually ban all the cars powered by internal combustion engine.
effects: oilAddiction-6

Hybrid Car Act
To promote slightly less oil-dependent mobility by subsidizing the production of hybrid electric vehicles.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Train is Better Act
To promote railroad transit by reducing the taxes on tikets.
effects: oilAddiction-3;consent+5

Slow the Insanity Act
To reduce gas consumption by reducing speed limit on roads to 55 mph (88 km/h).
effects: oilAddiction-1;consent-3

Big Car Special Tax
To introduce a tax for highpowered cars in order to invert the trend that lead the market toward big gas guzzling vehicles.
effects: oilAddiction-2;consent-1

Corporate Fuel Efficiency Act
To impose an incremental mile per gallon fuel-efficiency standard for trucks, vans, and SUVs
effects: oilAddiction-1

See Corporate Average Fuel Economy

General Fuel Efficiency
To impose an incremental mile-per-gallon fuel-efficiency standard for every vehicle.
effects: oilAddiction-2

SUV Ban Act
To ban Sport Utility Vehicles in the major cities.
effects: oilAddiction-3;consent-5

Reference to actual proposals considered in Paris and London
The Guardian, 4x4s into Paris won't go if SUV ban works

Plane Regulation Act
To reduce fuel consumption in aviation by imposing taxes, optimizing lines and restricting plane sizes and flight frequency.
effects: oilAddiction-6;consent-5

Studies on the environmental impact of plane transportation:
Climate action network europe, The Myth and Reality of Aviation and Climate Change
The Government Accountability Project, NextGen Air Transportation System Progress Reports Ignore Climate Change
The oil Drum, Aviation and Oil Depletion

Alternative Energy Act
To promote the research and development of alternative energy technologies.
effects: enables innovations in alternative energy

It happens when the domestic production starts to decline and it's a reference to Jimmy Carter's alternative energy initiative.

Wind Power Act
To promote the extensive use of eolic energy and improve the efficiency of wind turbines.
effects: oilAddiction-3

Solar Power Act
To kickstart a solar energy program subsidizing households panels and funding researches on solar cell technology.
effects: oilAddiction-3

Lightweight Car Act
To improve the car industry efficiency standards by imposing weight limits and developing carbon fiber car bodies
effects: oilAddiction-1

A report on carbon fiber car bodies in the documentary Addicted to oil by T. Friedman.

Sustainable Factories Act
To introduce tax breaks for companies that operate in energy efficient, low emission facilities.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Case studies mentioned in in the documentary Addicted to oil by T. Friedman.

Back to the City Act
To implement policies aimed at inverting the suburbanization trend, promoting high density settlements and re-designing urban sprawl.
effects: oilAddiction-6;consent-20

See the documentary The End of Suburbia for relations between suburbanization and peak oil. Low res video.
Transition towns, initiative toward sustainable communities.

Railways Plan Act
To improve and optimize the railroad system and make freight trains a convenient alternative to motorized transportation.
effects: oilAddiction-6;consent+5

A proposal about the improvement of electric freight train system in the US see Multiple Birds – One Silver BB: A synergistic set of solutions to multiple issues focused on Electrified Railroads

Urban Mass Transit Act
To restore and improve public mass transit in cities and suburbs.
effects: oilAddiction-5;consent+3

Hydrogen Century Act
To stimulate the production of hydrogen fuel based on renewable sources of energy.
effects: oilAddiction-1

This act is dependent to the solar power act as the production of hydrogen cells cars may be effective only after a large scale switch to alternative energies.
Mother Jones, Hydrogen's Dirty Secret
The New York Times, Report Questions Bush Plan For Hydrogen-Fueled Cars

Biofuel Act
To reduce dependency on foreign oil and promoting national economy by subsidizing ethanol biofuel production.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Relatively ineffective and likely to trigger the food crisis event. For the role of 1st generation biofuel subsides in the 2007-2008 world food prices crisis see Food vs Fuel.

Second Generation Biofuel Act
To stimulate the production of biofuel derived from non-food crops and waste biomasses to avoid spikes in food prices.
effects: oilAddiction-1

See Second Generation Biofuels

Third Generation Biofuel Act
To support the production of biofuel derived from algae that may guarantee high-yields and low environmental impact.
effects: oilAddiction-4

See Algae Fuel

Bike Lanes Act
To implement a plan of off-road and on road segregated bike paths in every city to promote utility cycling.
effects: oilAddiction-2

Bike Sharing Act
To implement a cheap bike sharing system in every major city in order to reduce pollution and traffic congestion.
effects: oilAddiction-1

Bicycle community programs have been successfully experimented in several cities as Barcelona

New Mobility Act
To implement a energy savvy public transportation system involving carpooling, high occupancy vehicle incentives, pedestrianization or incentive parking.
effects: oilAddiction-3

Reference to New Mobility Agenda


Bike Mania
It's clean, it's cheap and it's cool. More and more people switching to two wheels
effects: oilAddiction-3

Hitchhiking 2.0
Thanks to the ubiquitous communication technologies, car pooling networks are booming
effects: oilAddiction-2

Organic Generation
It's not just about health: non oil-dependent food production is the prime choice for young people
effects: oilAddiction-4

Go veggie
Started as a personal lifestyle, vegetarianism is becoming a mass movement aiming to redefine world food production
effects: oilAddiction-2

The Invasion of the Localvores
Locally grown products, farmers markets and community supported agriculture are the grassroots answer to rising oil prices
effects: oilAddiction-5

The Church of no shopping grows
Since few years ago it was just an anti-consumerist joke, now it's the fastest growing religion
effects: oilAddiction-4

See Reverend Billy


The Green revolution
Nitrogen fertilizers based on fossil fuels are predicted to boost world grain production by 250%
effects: oilAddiction+7;consent+10"

Winning the war on pests
Petrochemical-derived pesticides and herbicides are stabilizing food production and increasing yields
effects: oilAddiction+5;consent+5"

The Birth of Suburbia
City dwellers are increasingly moving to suburbs in search of a quiet county life surrogate
effects: oilAddiction+8

The SUV Craze
Despite emerging energy and environmental issues gas-guzzling Sport Utility Vehicles are becoming the symbol of the new middle class
effects: oilAddiction+6

Made in China
Your goods are coming from far away. East Asia is becoming the center of world manufacturing
effects: oilAddiction+6

OPEC Founded
The petroleum exporting countries are establishing an alliance to coordinate policies and protect the profitability of their natural resources
effects: ven_royalties+10;nig_royalties+10;irq_royalties+10

Iraq Invades Kuwait
More than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers backed up by 700 tanks invaded the Gulf state of Kuwait in the early hours of this morning.

The Greenhouse Effect
Scientists found that certain gasses released in the atmosphere are likely to produce dramatic climate changes
effects: greenness+10"

The Earth is Warming
Environmentalist claim that CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming and ask for regulations
effects: greenness+30"

Climate Crisis
According to a recent poll, 80% of citizens mention Global Warming as a maximum priority issue
exp:"Green is the new black
effects: greenness+30;consent-10"

Climate Catastrophe
Climate change related disasters are seriously damaging the world economy
effects: GDPGrowth-1;potentialGrowth-1;greenness+30"

Fuel vs oil
Massive governmental subsidies to ethanol production are causing a dramatic spike in global food prices
effects: consent-5

Black Tide
A major oil spill occurred in Alaska. It might be the most devastating man-made environmental disaster ever
effects: money-1000;greenness+30

Reference to Exxon Valdez oil spill

Turning humans into oil
It's time to reconsider our rigid ethical frames. Human derived fuel is the ultimate solution to overpopulation and oil depletion
effects: activates structure

Texas Oil Production peaked?
The extraction of crude in the state will start to decline from now on. Oil producer must find untapped national and foreign resources

World Oil peaked?
Global oil production will decline soon. The rising oil prices may have catastrophic effects on western society

Mission Accomplished!
Iraq is now controlled by allied forces. Democracy and the free market will soon reign on the ashes of the old regime

U.S. Attacked
Hijacked jets killed thousands of civilians in a day of terror. The president vows revenge
exp:"Nothing Will Ever Be the Same
effects: consent+60

Troubles in Ogoniland
Niger Delta natives are reclaiming royalties and reparation for the environmental damage caused by the drilling
effects: special //special, protests

Human Right Watch, The ogoni Crisis, A Case-Study Of Military Repression In Southeastern Nigeria (recently removed from the official website)

Oil, Blood and Guns
After years of pacific demostrations and violent repressions, Niger Delta people are threatening direct military actions
effects: special //special military against the government

It's a reference of the development in the niger delta conflicts in the late '90.
Oil War, Nigeria, a documentary about Nigerian emancipation movements.

Wind of Change in Venezuela
The New president promises a new constitution, radical reforms and more redistribution of the oil revenues
effects: //just an alarm

Reference to Hugo Chavez

Venezuela raises drilling tax
Venezuelan Government raises royalties on oil extraction. The revenues will be invested in social programs
effects: ven_royalties+10

Reference to the 2001 hydrocarbon law that raised extraction tax from 1% to 16%
Venezuela Analysis, Chavez Announces that Venezuela will Raise Oil Production Royalties
Venezuela Rising, a documentary about Chavez's social reforms

Venezuela nationalizes oil
The country moves away from the Western sphere of influence. Foreign companies are stopping all the enterprises in the Bolivarian republic
effects: block production in Venezuela

PINR, Venezuela Moves to Nationalize its Oil Industry

The Iraq invasion is a military defeat. The regime change miserably failed.
effects: consent-10

High oil prices are playing a central role in the negative economy growth

Anarchy in Iraq
Wild privatizations, unemployement and predatory management are fueling fundamentalism in the "liberated" Iraq

Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine, Part 6


Gas stations raided
Turmoil all around the nation. Street gangs are taking control of thousands of gas stations
effects: consent-10

Grocery stores raided
As a dramatic result of raising food prices Big box stores are being stormed by groups of starving people
effects: consent-10

Big Food distribution collapses
Walmart grocery department goes under: "Increasing food costs and constant raids erase profit margins"
effects: consent-10

The Crisis is structural
People stop getting loans, investors expectations fall, financial markets are in panic
effects: GDPGrowth-2

Welcome to the Jungle
Deer hunting is spreading all over the country. Corn Fields are patrolled by the army. Rumors of cannibalism in the southern states
effects: consent-15

Compulsory Birth Control
The act sponsored by the Neo-Malthusian Party will allow a tradable quota of 1.3 children per family
effects: GDPGrowth-1

Human migrations
Heating costs are forcing millions of people to relocate in warmer places.
effects: consent-20;GDPGrowth-2

Farewell Dow Jones
World's most notable Economists are meeting today to redesign the financial system from scratch
effects: GDPGrowth-2

After centuries, Death by starvation is back in western countries
effects: GDPGrowth-3;consent-30

Apocalypse Now?
The global termonuclear war for the remaining resources is about to begin

Special Operations

The enemy of the enemy
Finance Shi'a opposition for a regime change in Iraq.
effects: irq_dissent+30

Reference to the 1998 Iraq liberation act
Cronology of relations between US and the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)

Messing Iraq economy
Use our ally Kuwait to damage Iraq's economy. This may provoke a conflict and provide a justification for an intervention in the area.
effects: irq_dissent+30

Reference to the economic moves that lead to the Kuwait invasion

Link Iraq to the War on Terror by manifacturing evidences of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
effects: irq_dissent+30

Salon, Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

Operation Desert Scorn
We have to defend our allies in the Persian Gulf, declare war to Iraq.

Operation Super Duper Freedom
Taxpayers are buying the WMD story, it's time to invade Iraq.

Operation Unlimited Divine Justice
Our interests in Middle East are still strong. Another war may be unpopular but we have to take back Iraq.
effects: consent-20

Operation The New Way Forward
The job is not done in Iraq and we may need to send more troops. Needless to say that people don't like body bags coming from Iraq.
effects: consent-10

Internal dissent is rising? Create a long-bearded Muslim villain to scare the citizen and reinvigorate unity.
effects: consent+10;greenness-20

The dark side
Insurgency is rising in Middle East, we need to collect informations to dismantle terrorist networks. Authorize the use of torture in our secret prisons.
effects: consent-30

A New Pearl Harbor
For a new American century we need a new Pearl Harbor to awake the sleeping giant. Provoke and facilitate a major and spectacular terrorist attack in the homeland.

A reference to Pearl Harbor is advance knowledge controversy
Robert B. Stinnett, Day Of Deceit

Homeland Security Advisory System
It works like a remote control for mass anxiety. If you want scaried and obedient citizens you only have set it to red.
effects: consent+20;greenness-30

Washington Post, Will Terror Alert Level Show Its True Colors?, about a study linking terror alerts to JW Bush approval ratings.

Anthrax Everywhere!
Unrelash a wave of hysteria with fake biological attacks targeting media and politicians. If we get caught we can blame one of the many mad scientists on our payroll.
effects: consent+20;greenness-40

For a reconstruction of the anthrax "attacks" and unresolved questions about the role of mainstream media see:
Salon, Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News

Hugging Trees
Thanks to the "Patriot or Else Act" we can infiltrate the major environmental organizations and mess up their activities.
effects: greenness-40

Washington Post, FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA; Other Groups Tracked

Ungreening US
Arrest the most active eco-activist, create a shitstorm on the radical green movement.
effects: greenness-60

United we stand
Thanks to the "Patriot or Else Act" we can infiltrate anti-war groups, consumer associations and social justice movements threatening the unity of our nation.
effects: consent+40

Divided we fall
Arrest the most active members of quasi-subversive groups such as anti-war groups, consumer associations and social justice organizations.
effects: consent+60

AIDing democracy
Found right wing opposition parties in Venezuela in order to obstruct socialist reforms.
effects: ven_dissent-30

Venezuela Analysis, The Nature of CIA Intervention in Venezuela
Minimizing Mischief in Venezuela, Stabilizing the U.S. Oil Supply, a proposal by the right wing think tank Heritage Foundation

An eye on the courtyard
Infiltrate Venezuela's secret services and establish connections with military high officiers.
effects: ven_dissent-60

Eva Golinger, The Chavez Code:Cracking U.S. Intervention in Venezuela

The coup
Promote a coup against the Venezuela's democratic government and create a friendlier environment for the foreign investors.
effects: ven_dissent-80

The Guardian, Venezuela coup linked to Bush team

African Government

Raid the tribe
Ogoni may be troublemakers. A delicious raid is the solution.

Human Right Watch, The ogoni Crisis, A Case-Study Of Military Repression In Southeastern Nigeria (recently removed from the official website)

Kill the activists
Too many demonstrations? Eradicate the problem with a public execution.

Reference to Ken Saro Wiwa assassination.

Corrupt the gang
Let the Niger Delta Rebels steal some oil to avoid troubles for a year.

Defend Wells
Bribe & deploy nigerian soldiers on your wells.

Ignore Pollution
Reduce maintenance costs by ignoring environmental standards.

Special Royalties
Why giving all that money to the government when you can corrupt just few functionaries?