An Interactive Interpretation of WikiLeaks’ Theory of Conspiracy by Governance


Brian Crecente —An Interactive Interpretation of WikiLeaks' Theory of Conspiracy by Governance Leaky World attempts to turn Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange's essay on conspiracy into a computer game.

Assange's wacky essay "Conspiracy as Governance" seems to argue for complete transparency as a way to construct a new social order and achieve truth, love and self-realization.

When these theories make the leap to interactive computer game, they become a bit like Qix in reverse. Instead of drifting across an open space, painting lines to segment the area into different colors, gamers are asked to connect the dots between political elites. These elites are shown as red dots spread around the world. As you guide lines between the dots, some of the elites begin to leak information, which appear as headlines at the top of the game. To stop the leak, you need to guide the line to cut off all connections between the dot and the network you are so carefully weaving.

It's an odd, broad take on conspiracy network management. I'm not sure Molleindustria's game makes as strong a point as it could, but it's an interesting abstraction.

Leaky World [Thanks Ian]