McDonald's videogame, management simulation of a fast food giant


McDonald, an icon of the global capital can be opposed in a thousand different ways, as testing the effects of their food on your own intestine or trying to spread the real data on its nutritional policies. Anyway it is still a business giant with the attitude to skillfully move in the fast speed of the free market perfectly tuning with the games' rules. Thus if it's a game, metaphorically speaking, then the videogame is the ideal (non)place to represent its dynamics, letting the spectator/consumer to embody the relentless gears of the impressive fast food industry. McDonald's videogamehas been developed by Molleindustria and it plays with a representation of its well known strategies, leaving to the player the taste, or better the disgust of playing with the McDonald's own imposed rules. All the paradoxical stages of exploiting and the crossed responsibilities for the unavoidable continuos grow are monitored. Thus the simulation of management processes becomes a bulimic race against time that systematically squashes the player in the capital's grip, leaving him alone with his own amount of bitter devastations