"Year 2010. The need for flexible labor has grown exponentially since the beginning of the century. Today, the protections and bureaucracy of traditional staffing solutions aren't sustainable anymore: a single worker may be needed by different companies over the course of the same day. That's why Tuboflex inc., the world's leading Human Resources Services company, created a complex system of tubes that allow us to allocate employees in real time according to the market's demand. Playing the role of a Tuboflex employee, you have to survive this ultra-dynamic labour market, getting quickly used to the most disparate tasks. Welcome to the Tube Age."
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2019 Notes
Tuboflex was released in 2003, along with Molleindustria's website. The context was the discourse and the struggles against the precarization of labor happening in Europe. The game is set in 2010 (then a near future) and eerily predicts the rise of the "gig economy".
Molleindustria - 2003 - This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license