Operation: Pedopriest
"Once again the clergy is the center of controversy. It seems that our traditional sexual habits are now considered "abuse of minors" worth of public scrutiny.
The Church's priority is to shut down all related rumors and prevent priests from being arrested and put on trial according to the secular states' laws. We have formed a task force that will impose a code of silence in our institutions and prevent the police from meddling in our affairs."
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2019 Notes
Operation: Pedopriest was created as a response to the decision of the Italian National Television (RAI) to not broadcast the bombshell documentary Sex Crimes and the Vatican.
The game created a national controversy in Italy, it was subject of a parlamentary hearing, and a lawsuit against Molleindustria for defamation of the Catholic Church (the charges were eventually dropped). When the game was temporarily put offline, activist around the Internet rushed mirror it game in a classic "Streisand Effect" fashion. One of such sites presented the game within a faux electoral site and it was in turn sued for defamation by the mocked politician (Luca Volonté). The trial lasted several years and was eventually won by the activists, creating a precedent for satire in the game form in the Italian legal system.
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