Pave the road to a post-capitalist society!

The Democratic Socialism Simulator lets you play as the first socialist president of the United States.
Can you redistribute power and wealth while addressing the climate crisis?
Enact radical reforms, tax the rich, transform the economy, tackle the most pressing issues without alienating voters or bankrupting the government. But beware: the ruling class won't give up its power easily. Even your closest allies may turn on you.

Available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android devices on: Google Play Steam Apple Store

The Democratic Socialism Simulator is a single player game that borrows its interface from the dating app Tinder and the popular game series Reigns. A single game typically last about 20-30 minutes. You don't need to be an experienced gamer to play DSS.

Keep your games out of my politics!

The Democratic Socialism Simulator is an attempt to prefigure the opportunities and challenges of a Sanders (or Sanders-like) presidency. It's by no means a serious simulation, but is based on extensive research on viable policies, and on the history of social-democracies.
This game aims to go beyond the personal attacks and bad faith analysis of the electoral cycle and focus on what can be concretely done once in power. The Democratic Socialism Simulator is meant to entertain, enrage, provoke socialist-curious players as well as comrades on the front lines of the political revolution.

A game by Molleindustria - February 2020